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The African American Council of Elder ~Wichita/South Central Kansas - Member Council  

Want to Start a Council in YOUR Community?

We believe that every community with a substantial population of African-descended people can benefit from the development of a Council of Elders.  Based on that, we have guides and resources that can assist you with developing a Council in your community.  We do not charge for these services or resources, but rather, provide them to community leaders interested in a proven process for getting a Council up and off the ground.  If you are interested, click on the link below for information on how to get started.

Who We Are

The National Black Council of Elders is a conglomerate of community-based organizations, entities, and solutions for developing all aspects of communities within the African Diaspora.  The NBCOE is organized “to encourage the engagement of Elders of African descent and elder-wisdom in local communities to help strengthen those communities and ultimately helping to set a broader community agenda, including a focus toward a broader Pan-African agenda-setting.”



The specific objectives and purpose of this organization is to build and support a Resources Clearinghouse to help build of strong and healthy communities wherever African-descended people reside. Toward that end, we are continuously developing and adding to a Resources Directory with resources related to but not limited to:

  • News, research and research dissemination

  • African spiritual systems

  • Rites of Passage Programs

  • Cultural Production

  • Economics, including financial literacy

  • Healthy food production and availability

  • IT development and education

  • Solar Technology development and promotion

  • And more…



The work of the NBCOE is primarily conducted through our various ministries.  At this site, each Ministry has its own mission and related resources.  Click on the link below for the Circle of interest and peruse the resources of interest: 

  • Health & Wellness

  • Agriculture & Food Security

  • Economic Development

  • Pan African Affairs

  • Cultural Travel & Tourism

  • Arts & Culture

  • Education

  • Community Security & Defense

  • Technology

  • Social Networking & Engagement

Resources Clearinghouse

Looking for resources to help build and develop your community? Click the link below for an abundance of ideas, connections, research, community conversations, and more....

Councils of Elders, wherever they are located, are designed to meet the specific needs of their local communities.

Here are examples of a few....


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"The Council of Elders in our local community has been a very important partner to assist our work for  toward equity and justice for all!"

Project Manager

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